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We believe everything works better when you are around kind and compassionate people,
and the first person you need to be kind to each day is you.

Let's remind ourselves and others, through words and art, that kindness matters in our community
and build a culture of kindness!



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Westminster Celebrates Kindness And Our Kids Lead The Way!

Our Fundraiser Runs  August 19 - September 29

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Our fundraisers provide grants for Community of Kindness Workshops, Kids Kindness Initiatives, and Local Nonprofits
Community Of Kindness Workshops are hosted by PTA's, nonprofits, libraries, and other organizations. 
Keep an eye on the events page for more info on scheduled workshops at

Give BE KIND Signs To Teachers

Action For Kindness matched a grant from Hey Westminster! to gift
BE KIND signs to teachers! 
Here's a video of the first 7 teachers who received BE KIND signs,
with each teacher stating the importance of kindness in the classroom.
You can choose a sign directly from to gift to a teacher
(it can even be shipped with a note from you)

Or click below to donate...

Grants for Kindness Initiatives

Donate to fund grants for kids and local organizations to plan and host mindful Kindness Workshops, projects, and events

Community Kindness Connector App

Donate to fund an app to gamify finding BE KIND signs and connect community members to support each other